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Cast of Characters

  1. Maia   -  Prianca Jyotishi

  2. Jazz    -  Gary Beauford (GBEasy)

  3. Ava (AI woman)       - Jenny Nichols

  4. Mother of Maia        -   Proma Ray

  5. Friend 1 of the Mother  -  Jendayi

  6. Friend 2 of the Mother  - Rina Guebert

  7. Maia’s Friend 1   - Faaridah 

  8. Maia’s friend 2   -  Sampriti De

  9. Social Network Friend 1  -  Gauri Nagpal

  10. Social Network Friend 2  -  Priyasha Bhatt

  11. Social Network Friend 3  -  Slesha Dahake 

  12. Friend 1 of the Boyfriend  - Michelle Sayyar Andotra

  13. Friend 2 of the Boyfriend  -  Meisa Salaita

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Act I


    1.   Please silence your cellphones

          Artists - Prianca, Faaridah, Sampriti

          Choreography - Prianca Jyotishi

    2.  Momma got TikTok

         Artists -  Jendayi, Rina, Proma

         Choreography - Jendayi

         Lyrics, Vocals and music- Proma Ray


     3.  Two lovers  

           Artists -  Prianca, GBEasy

           Choreography - GBEasy, Prianca Jyotishi

     4.  Video games are fun  

           Artists - GBEasy, Meisa, Michelle

            Choreography - GBEasy, Proma Ray

      5. Where is Everybody  

            Artist - Prianca

            Choreography - Prianca Jyotishi

      6. The Social Network

            Artists - Proma, Gauri, Priyasha, Slesha

            Choreography - Proma Ray,

                                          Versaille Jones

     7.  The Perfect Woman

           Artist - Jenny

           Choreography - Jenny  Nichols

Act II

 1.   Breaking what we built

       Artists - Gauri, Priyasha, Slesha, Proma,

                        Rina, Jendayi

       Choreography - Gauri Nagpal,

                                      Priyasha Bhatt

  2. Self-learning Love

       Artists - Jenny, GBEasy

       Choreography - Jenny Nichols,  GBEasy

 3. The Human Parameter

      Artists - Prianca, Faaridah, Sampriti

      Choreography - Proma Ray

  4.  Relationship Dying on a Feedback Loop

        Artists - GBEasy, Jenny

        Choreography - GBEasy, Jenny Nichols

 5.  I choose you

       Artists - Prianca, GBEasy

       Choreography - Prianca Jyotishi, GBEasy

 6.  We are Never the Same Again

       Artists - Entire Cast

       Choreography - Proma Ray


Scene Details 

Act I - 01

Please Silence Your Cellphones

Maia is meeting her friends outside in nature. She is in love, and her friends tease her lovingly as they play around and dance in nature.  

Maia, the main protagonist of this story, is a young woman in her early twenties, in love with Jazz who is about the same age as her.  Like the Greek goddess Maia, our heroine is nurturing, and symbolizes growth and new beginnings.

Act I - 02

Momma Got Tik-Tok

Maia's mother is enticed into making a TikTok dance video with her friends.  Her friends are generation X mothers who want to go viral on Tik-Tok.  Maia's mother is drawn to social media and Tik-Tok so much that she sometimes unintentionally ignores Maia.  Maia’s mom wants to stay relevant in a world that worships youth, social-image and popularity.  The irony is that while their tik-tok videos make a mockery of other generations, they themselves are trapped in the Network, mob-mentality and viral trends.


Act I - 03

Two Lovers

Maia and Jazz are two lovers. 

Unlike other characters in the story, Maia craves real human connection, and does not feel obligated to move at the speed of technology. 

Jazz on the other hand, finds it easier to connect through technology, online chat rooms, discord and other communities.

Act I - 04

Video Games Are Fun

 Jazz and his friends connected through video games. In fact, they are online friends.  They share the stage but are actually not at the same place.  Their life revolves around gaming, discord chats and streaming you tube videos.  

aaf3be2d-a6a2-4b6a-9cc8-2e95f146af8b (6).heic

Act I - 05

Where Is Everybody

Maia is by herself. Her boyfriend is busy playing video games. Her mother is busy trying to stay up with the times, spending time on social media. It is raining, and the feeling of being alone is just a bit overpowering.

Act I - 06

The Social Network

Maia’s mother’s relationship with the Social network turns sour.  

As Maia’s mom increasingly becomes entwined in that network, she becomes desperate to regain her freedom (symbolized here as freedom of movement), eventually leading her to “break free” out of the network.

Computer microchips (1).jpg

Act I - 07

The Perfect Woman

Introducing  Ava, the AI Woman, who was created and optimized to be a perfect woman.  Jazz is instantly mesmerized by her. 


A black screen2.jpg

Act II - 01

Breaking What We Built

This piece is about rebuilding connections and community.  Maia’s mother, mother’s friends, and all the social network dancers - Dance together, symbolizing their in-person healthy and harmonious community.  

Act II - 02

Self-Learning Love

Ava is an AI woman, and therefore she is meant to learn everything, including love.  But learning for her depends on clean communication through verbal and limited visual means, while humans are messy, emotional and sometimes self-contradictory.   For machines without emotional intelligence to decipher subtle cues, it is always garbage in- garbage out.

Jazz and Ava are communicating, but not communicating effectively. Ava takes everything literally, and her responses are untimely and continue to hurt Jazz’s feelings.  He responds emotionally, yet Ava does not understand clearly what he really means. 


Act II - 03

The Human Parameter

This piece is about exploring what is important in human relationships - vulnerability, kindness, forgiveness and personal growth.   

Every Generative AI model has parameters and hyper-parameters.  However, what it is missing is the "Human Parameter" which is not just a number or text, but all our senses and emotions, which are unique only to humans.

Act II -  04
Relationship Dying on a Feedback Loop

Ava, is an AI-Woman who is effected by what is known as Model Autophagy Disorder (MAD).  MAD happens when an AI model consumes it's own generated content. 

This has detrimental effect on the relationship between Ava and Jazz.  Jazz feels misunderstood and unheard.  Ava and Jazz are ways apart, and the distance keeps growing between them.  

a huge explosion sun.jpg

Act II - 05

I Choose You

 Jazz realizes what he has lost in Maia, but will she accept him back?    

She does, but both her and the relationship have evolved.  

Act II - 06

FINALE - We are Never The Same Again

We are constantly evolving. Every second is the sum total of everything else until then.  Everyone comes together in this piece, yet everyone has changed due to their interaction with a piece of technology, whether it was AI,  Social Media, or Video Games. 


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